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As a professional meteorologist for over six years and motorsport fan for nearly twenty, I've always wanted to explore opportunities to combine my two passions. The coronavirus pandemic, the resulting national lockdowns, and the delay to the 2020 motorsport season gave me the perfect time to fuse these two hobbies into a project, and MeteoMotorsport was born.

MeteoMotorsport provides weather outlooks, daily forecasts, and real-time weather commentary for Formula 1, MotoGP, World Rally Championship, Formula E, and other major international motorsport events, which have been posted to Twitter.

Following the success and interest garnered during 2020-21, this site was launched in early 2022 as a platform for longer-form articles and in-depth coverage of major weather-related motorsport stories. This site will complement the aforementioned outlook and forecasts, which will still be posted on Twitter

If you would like to get in touch, please reach out using the Contact form, or connect via Linkedin or Twitter

Disclaimer: The information posted by MeteoMotorsport is the personal and sole work of the author and is not associated with the author's professional employer; further, all information is not associated with any motorsport championship, series organiser, team, competitor, or circuit.

Last edited: March 1, 2022